Friday, March 26, 2010

TGIF w/ a side of pizza

Yesterday, Mom took Layla and I on a "few" errands while she was here helping out in the morning. It was my last paycheck from work and being as I went out early I hadn't really had time to stock up on everything I expected to.
After the bank we hit all the usual suspects... Walmart, Costco, and the grocery store with a small stop in the middle to grab LaylaBug some lunch. Considering all that we packed in a 2 hour shopping trip Layla did pretty well. I on the other hand came home tired...down right pooped.
I thought I might nap with Layla but she kicked me out of the bed so I found myself downstairs with my feet up browsing the internet and entertaining myself with Facebook (we've all been there). I got my first SDI check in the mail and opened a gift from Sarah for Miss Anyah *cutest tiny dress EVER*.
Quiet time rolled into time talking with Jon when he got home from work and that rolled into BBQing hamburgers outside while Layla was distracted by a Pixar flick (we really need to get Toy Story 1 and 2 she loves her a Pixar movie). By the end of dinner I actually turned to Jon and announced that I had to go upstairs and lay down for a minute. It took stripping myself naked with the fan on high for about a half an hour to feel normal again. I overheat WAY to easily.
I was downstairs in my Pj's with everyone else watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse by 6 pm and counting down to bedtime for no other reason than it's been a long day and today will be a long one as well. But today is long in a fun way.
Today my family is coming over with pizza (and mom got cheesecake) to celebrate my birthday here at the house. As I predicted at the beginning of the month, at this point I feel very pregnant and I am super glad that I opted for one night here at the house where I don't have to do anything.
Plus...there is nothing better than a night of pizza and cheesecake.
(Unless you're Layla in which case playing with the dog would be better...but the dog wasn't invited)

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