Friday, March 19, 2010

Yummy Things

Wednesday night it officially happened... I reached the end of the internet. Ok so maybe that's an exageration... I reached the end of the "free" space for my blogger accounts. I think I cried. I know I swore. Luckily, my mom had been asking about birthday gift ideas earlier in the week so I emailed her and said..."hey how about blog space" and she said "ok". Yipee!! Of course, the alternative would be no more Bug & Bean pictures on the internet so she was pretty much trapped.
But, she paid for it yesterday and today we have LOTS and LOTS of picture space again. So without further ado I put up more pictures on Bug and Bean and we'll have some wonderful pics up today of Layla's first licked ice cream cone and of her running around at Nannie and PopPop's house...which is what we're doing today.
Not being able to drive you sort of get stuck at home a lot. By sort of, I mean that I leave the house for 10 to 20 minutes at a time if someone else feels like Driving Miss Daisy would be fun. So today is a nice playdate for the little person (layla) and the old person (pop-pop).
Mom is in the kitchen right now frying chicken and making artichokes. Yummy! I might gain some weight this pregnancy after all... and it only took me 8 and a half months to get started!

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