Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Day Like Today

We woke up to sunshine through the window in the bedroom and cuddled through one book, 3 songs and about 15 minutes of poking a pregnant woman and telling her to get up!

We ate eggs and drank apple juice while watching Sesame Street (again)

There was a trip to the store and McDonald's for lunch.

We played with the screen door open and she yelled at the lawn service people telling them they did a "good job".

Naptime took longer than expected and then lasted longer than normal.

Then there was more playing and yelling "ta-da!" and shooting Mommy with a penguin happy meal toy while dinner was in the oven.

There was t-shirts and jeans, hear in buns, pictures to post on blogs and even a little dancing to the radio.

Today is what happens when you plan ahead and then the plan gets blown away.

Sometimes Daddy comes home sick, sometimes the baby cries in the grocery store, sometimes Mommy pulls a muscle getting out of the car, and sometimes... it's still a good day anyhow.

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