Thursday, October 29, 2009


Depending on which due date you like best I am either at 12 or 13 weeks today. So I guess that means we've made it passed the evil first trimester, which the doctor should confirm on my appointment Monday.
Spending part of the time home with a sick kid and then feeling sick myself has been a decent distraction. I imagine that we'll still be high risk for awhile because I do have contractions for no reason occasionally.

Literally, last night Jon made a 'your not even 12 weeks yet' comment and I had to point out that even with the later date 12 weeks would be tomorrow.

It moved so fast and yet it seems so slow sometimes. I can't imagine a baby in there right now, I am not sick enough and it scares me. I just don't feel pregnant.

And that, is our status so far.

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