Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Staycation Sickies

We had 1 good day on a 4 day staycation. There was a day of drama, a day of pumpkins, then 2 days filled with a baby with a cold, contractions and then a little more drama.

Sometimes it's just easier to go to work.

Layla had a rash flare up last night, in addition she's got a wicked bad head cold that I'm trying to fight off. Being pregnant with a head cold you can't take anything for is awful so I'd like to avoid it all costs.

Upsides, I did manage to get a little housework done, and I have some more scheduled for today. Also, I got to talk to some family members I never get to talk to online for awhile and I reconnected with an old friend in email.

Downsides, a sick baby means no girls day with Jen and no time to myself on my vacation.

She's feeling better today, so hopefully when I return to work tomorrow she'll be fine.

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