Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lived In

The hardest part of having a toddler for me would be how quickly after you clean something up it goes back to being a disaster.

It takes 45 minutes to clean a living room top to bottom, it takes her 3 minutes to make it look like you have NEVER cleaned your living room ever. So I just started slacking off. Now I do a little pick up here or there and so does Jon.

About once a week I vacume. I used to vacume twice a day when I was single with a cat in my apartment.

Yesterday I stepped on a cracker and I didn't even look down to see if I could pick up the pieces. I am too tired and too lazy to care about carpet crumbs lately. And by lately I mean since last December when Layla went from walking around the house being amused by her own movement to cruising the house looking for something to dump on the floor.

While Jon was a gone I did about half a house worth of overhaul. I got rid of some stuff, put things away that had been out too long and gave some stuff a good scrub down. Layla of course, had all that covered with a thin layer of plastic foods and stuffed animals by the time he walked in the door.

Today I tried again, I vacumed, picked up the kitchen and gave it a nice wipe over, cleaned up the bathroom counter and mirror (boy that kid likes to rub lotion covered hands on my mirror) and made a dent in the ICK factor.

It still looks so lived in. Piles all over of things that are put "away". Sometimes I miss my neat nick house. Maybe I'll get it back when she's in highschool.

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