Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In Sickness & In Health

Boy the person who wrote those two lines of the wedding vows had been through the ringer already once, I guarantee it.
Last week the sickness came. First it took over my toddler changing her from a vibrant flash of life into a puddle of snot and oh-god-someone-hold-me.
Then the sickness took the husband. Changing him from Mr. Here-let-me-help-you to Mr. Do-I-Have-To.
Then the sickness hit the pregnant woman and while I avoided the 5 day version with all the sinus snot drainage I got hit squarely in the lungs and spent several days dry coughing and wheezing whenever I had to move.
Today Layla is snot free and I am breathing easy. Jon's at work but it seemed last night it was still lingering with him.
Yesterday, my mom paid to have my hair done. She said I needed to get out of my pregnant blahs. I didn't realize I was having pregnant blahs until I saw the before and after pictures of my hair. Boy I needed that. I feel much better now.
Today I woke up cuter, better rested and COLD which if you know me never happens to me. It was 62 degrees upstairs in our house. Downstairs was worse (but doesn't have a thermastat). Layla and I had some oatmeal and bacon and we pranced about in layered sweats, pjs, and jackets until our feet froze, then we got into a quilt and watched a movie. When the movie was done the heater had finally kicked the house up to 65 which was bearable.
We made a quest to the Walmart to get milk, butter, brown sugar and eggs. Doesn't that sound like we are baking something awesome? We're not. I'm just out of most of those things (or almost out). While we were there I tried to get Layla a winter jacket with no luck. Why are kids winter jackets sooo sooo yucky looking? I want her to be warm but she doesn't need to look like a stuffed bear or a marshmallow.
So later I plan a quest (after naptime) for a jacket at Target. Perhaps we'll have better luck there. And, shopping is not a bad way to spend your day off. Also on our to-do baby needs a lunch box for SCHOOL. I know. I weep on the inside. She starts on the 9th (if not sooner).

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