Sunday, October 18, 2009


My vacation turned into a staycation. Sometimes that happens and the funds you think you are going to have take too long to process or the plan you have falls through. And, that's ok. Really it is. I usually find it's best to make the most of the time you have instead of spending too much time worrying about what you don't have. Which, by the way, is great for Jon being as he's in Disneyland right now and I am on staycation due to powers beyond our control.
Today Layla and I had a much better day. Although, with the way it started off I wasn't so sure that was an option. Usually when someone covered in urine climbs on top of you at 5 am crying it's going to be a bad day. But she did manage to go back to sleep for awhile in our bed once I got her cleaned up.
Then there was the part of my morning where I throw up because I am pregnant. Today that fell half way through changing a diaper so I ran away from my half naked kid to be sick, and she took that as a cue to take off all her clothes, follow me and cry at my feet. I held her while I finished being sick and then got her back into pjs and she hid under the bathroom sink in the cabinet while I cleaned up.
Determined not to have a sucky day. I let her pick a movie and I made cinnamon toast. Sugar, as always, brightened her right up. She started asking when Nanny was coming to go get pumpkins so I took that cue to have her watch Sesame Street while I showered...then I got us both ready.

When Nanny arrived we headed off with plans of attending the Bloomingranch Pumpkin Festival in Oakdale. Turns out it was really small and there wasn't even a pumpkin patch. After a few minutes of checking out crafts and letting the baby run free towards the pond. I carried her out to the car and we headed to plan B.
We went to Jamestown were we walked around, looked at antiques and I bought a candle. Then we had some Mexican food which included the best tamale I ever had and Layla was SOOO well behaved I almost forgot she was 2. We watched step dancers (which she loved) and we got to pet the Sherriff's wive's doggy "Maya" which Layla cried out to when we got in the car to go.

Ironically I enjoyed myself so much in Jamestown I forgot to take pictures.
Then we headed on home. On the way we passed the local pumpkin patch and being as the pumpkin festival didn't result in any pumpkins we picked up a few. Then everyone came home and tried to nap, Layla took the shortest nap ever.

We then went to return something and run by the Target. We also picked up a take-n-bake pizza. We ended our evening watching a new Halloween movie and eating pizza.
At 6:30 Layla started asking about Daddy, she's starting to get worried that a day of inquiring hasn't brought him back. So we tried to call him, but instead she talked to his voicemail because he was on a ride and had no reception.
Then she put herself to bed. Afterall, she's got a big day tomorrow of picture taking and pottery painting.

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