Saturday, October 31, 2009

Glimpses of Halloween

Later there will be posts either here or on Layla's site giving a detailed description of our Halloween for the people dying to know. But for now know this. We woke up happy after sleeping in, we played and danced, we had lunch with a cousin that we clicked with instantly and mommy held the baby, then we took a nap and woke up on the wrong side of the bed. From there we put on a tinkerbelle costume that we HATED and refused to wear. There was screaming and not one picture. So after Daddy calmed Layla down Mommy improvised a farmer costume out of things we owned already. Then we went to trick or treat family. We had nice visits and took pictures and played with doggies and ate ice cream pie and came home sugared up and happy and visited with Grammi and put ourselves to bed at 8:45 so sleepy we could pass out. At this moment, Jon and I are finally eating dinner and all in all it was a beautiful day. One, that deserves more writing and will get that tomorrow.

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