Wednesday, October 14, 2009

But how do you feel?

Tell a person that you're pregnant and they always ask how you're feeling. If they don't then they comment on how you are looking...that's just how it goes with a baby in the belly. I don't mind.

This time it's all so different. At this point last time I was taking hormones and throwing up violently several times a day. I had contractions every.single.night and I was praying and praying and crying and crying. This's just not like that.

I told someone yesterday that I would be down right jovial if I could just take a nap. Overwhelming exhaustion and intermitten acne are my only signs of pregnancy still at this point. (Dear woman who just goggled-lack of pregnancy symptoms and found 200 sites that say you've miscarried and this one...calm're probably fine. - You're welcome)
If I hadn't heard the heartbeat and seen the video monitor on the sonogram I would probably still think I was moments from miscarriage. After all, being tired is a sign you have a toddler not necessarily that you're pregnant.

Don't get me wrong. I've been sick a few times. Mostly on days when work has potlucks at my job...oh for the love of the smell of lingering food...starts so yummy and ends so yucky.
I have food cravings but I love food so that's not uncommon. The smell of new plastic and of coffee make me a little "eh" but nothing bad.
Mainly, I am counting down to 12 weeks because that always makes me feel better... and I'm starting to plan. I made a Target registry because I was feeling especially brave.
I guess that's how I feel... braver. Maybe that will be my new answer.

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Mel said...

I think that "BRAVE" is a great answer. This little bean is going to beat all odds. I love you and I love that bean!! And there is nothing wrong with a lack of symptoms...I had that with Brooke and she is fine...I think it might have to do with multiple factors...1-been there done that syndrome, meaning we have been through it all before so it does not seem as bad this time. 2- Second baby syndrom, meaning my body is use to this now so it is all ready to go.