Monday, October 05, 2009

Got God?

All he asked of me was faith the size of a mustard seed.
Which is good...because today that would be stretching me to my limits.
Today I had an ok work day but the water was off in the building which wouldn't be a problem for the 2 hours it was off, except for the 11 minutes I spent puking in the parking lot.
Then I had an OBGYN appointment, they took me back late, looked at me for 5 minutes, informed me they needed a sonogram to even tell me if I was still pregnant or not because the last one was worthless and unhelpful. Then they sent me home with nothing after 2 weeks of ceaseless praying...only to wait 2 more weeks.
I came home and I wanted to cry, instead the baby got up and proceeded to cry and scream for well close to an hour. She has a full body rash from what appears to have been playing near where cats used to be which means that allergy is getting worse.
My heart is heavy but luckily someone offered to carry my hope for me and I've still got my mustard seed of faith.

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