Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Away (writing prompt)

I sit in my favorite chair with a drink and a book in my hand and as I am rocking the ice clinks like a rhythmic folk band. I flip to the first page and it draws me inside with the scent of old paper that's yellowed with time. And there in black ink across lines single spaced is a carefree adventure that sweeps me away. The voice of each character seems so alive with the thousands of accents my heads stored inside. The people I can picture seem more real then the actors that will probably play them when the movie is cast for TV. The places I've been with their sights and their smells draw out like old memories when a book sends me somewhere. The next thing I know, I feel when they're in love, or when their hearts breaking sometimes their all fired up and my hands will start shaking. And by the last sentence on the very last page I've outwitted villians and of course saved the day. I rise from my chair with a smile on my face and put away the cup from which the ice melted away. I lost track of time and I found a new world all before chapter 24.

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