Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Layla's First Zoo Trip @ Chaffee Zoo, Fresno CA

This is Layla, she's waiting (not so patiently) for Nana to come because we're going to the Chaffee Zoo in Fresno for our FIRST VISIT TO THE ZOO!

After an hour and 20 minute drive to Fresno we hopped into the stroller, paid our $7 admission fee and took off to see some animals (like the birds Layla is pointing to)...

Oh by the way...if you're hoping to see animal pictures you should try google...this post is about LAYLA and the ZOO not some silly animals...

Layla and Mommy checked out the hind end of some elephants, they never turned around the whole time we stood there.

This is Layla and Nana at the monkey cages. Layla really liked the monkeys and one King Louie looking creature took a liking to her and followed her from one side of the exhibit to the other.

Then Mommy got brave and let her walk on her own. Eventually she chased a squirrel because paying to go to the zoo and chasing an animal you can find at home for free is totally a (almost) 2 year old thing to do.

We also ALMOST went to a petting zoo but it was mostly goats and sheep and we have those at home for free so we skipped it.
After the squirrel chasing we were hot and tired and we had a little fit about being put back into the stroller so Mommy decided it was lunch time. The chicken and chips at the zoo is dark meat, Layla thought they were yummy. Then Layla got her first ICEE thanks to Nana...
Then we paid $2.00 to feed Giraffes. Layla LOVED this part and I wish I had done it more than once.
We did not attempt to see all the animals, just ones we thought she would enjoy or recognise because she's only 2 and it's July in the Central Valley so it was 101 degrees today.
If I had it to do again... more giraffe's...skip the birds...
They have a new stingray exhibit where you can touch sting rays. It was lovely and cool. The sting rays are VERY friendly and even popped there little heads out of the water right next to you after awhile. It was VERY cool. Layla liked the water. Once a sting ray made eye contact she was done with it. She wanted to leave.

On the way out we checked out a few more animals, bears, camels, lemur island, reptiles and the what not. I never thought we'd see every animal and was very content with the time we did spend there.
We had intended on going to Storyland next door but Layla was pretty hot and tired by 12:30 so we came home instead. She slept in the car for awhile and then she played with Nana in the back seat singing silly songs, playing with alphabet beads, refusing water because she had 2 gallons of ICEE and enjoying the new animals that Nana bought her at the gift shop.

It was a lovely trip and I can't wait to do it again when it's cooler.


Grammi Teri said...

Allie, I love these pictures! My favorites are you, Layla and the giraffe and the one of Nana and Layla. I can just imagine her delight with the monkeys and giraffes! I'm glad she got to do that.

Grammi Teri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Layla's Nana said...

It was wonderful but I still think we should do SF this summer, late Aug early Sept :) I had a great time!

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