Thursday, July 16, 2009


I was a fish in the summers when I was little. I spent every day at the community pool with my friends lathering on the coconut scented dark tanning oil, chewing watermelon bubble yum and floating around on tropical colored inflatable tubes. It was good times.

I am not at all suprised that my child is a fish. Yesterday we went swimming, she never cried until we had to leave. She held her breath, she kicked, she floated around in a little yellow boat until Mommy's shoulders turned pink and it was time to go.
She loved it.
And then my adult wishes list grew one item longer.
I wish I had my own pool.
Maybe someday when I'm all grown up and I own my own home I can make that happen. Because it would be totally awesome to spend every day in the summer outside on a pink tube chewing watermelon bubble yum and watching my kid run around with a sun protective hat and SPF 45 sun tan lotion until that turns into her favorite summer memory too.


Layla's Nana said...

that's a wonderful wish, I second that wish list item!

Grammi Teri said...

That would just be the best. I can just see us all swimming (I am a fish, too) with Layla!