Friday, July 31, 2009

Why today was a good day... a list...

  • I took my shower last night so I got to sleep in.
  • Thanks to a larger bed, I got to sleep without extra blankets touching me and didn't wake up hot and have to take a shower again.
  • I got praise at work
  • I needed to pitch in $10 at work for a birthday present for 2 people, I found $10 in my pocket which had been washed with my jeans when I got dressed this morning.
  • There were cookies
  • My mom left the anti-christ and moved in with Pop's and we went for a visit and no one left offended
  • Jon got to sleep in until 8
  • Layla ate some of her dinner and it wasn't yogurt
  • Tomorrow is the fair and my company picnic which will have free BBQ
  • I had a good "god related" dream last night
  • It's almost time for Jen's baby shower and I am excited to soon meet Miss Mia
  • I have a new book to read
  • There is enough pepsi, ice and sunflower seeds to get me through an entire new book tonight
  • The fan feels good
  • I got to wear trendy jewelry this afternoon
  • An old friend popped back up and made me smile
  • There was a bible verse on my car when I left work today
  • I've started following some new cool blogs
  • Tomorrow there will be brownies & entourage while the baby naps

And in case you were wondering...because the internet always wonders... today's car windshield bible verse was Psalm 27

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