Sunday, July 05, 2009

Our 4th of July

Jon had to work yesterday for the middle part of the day so in the morning I got up with Layla and we had breakfast and played on the floor. Before her bath she went pee pee in the potty for the first time ever. Then she went down for a nap and Jon went to work and when she got up we went and bought a few fireworks, a watermelon and some McDonald's for Layla for lunch.

While Layla ate lunch I started cooking. Eventually Jen came by to visit and drop off some stuff and then Nana came over to hang out/babysit. Layla tried a fudge pop which she hated and had a cookie. Then Nana took her outside to play in the sprinkler while I hung out with Jen.
When Jon came home I made dinner and Jen left. Then we sat down to tri-tip, brocolli salad, macaroni salad with tuna, sourdough bread with warm garlic butter, and watermelon.
After dinner, Nana played with Layla and I recovered. We thought some friends were going to hang out so we sort of waited for them to call so we could go hang out but they didn't. So after awhile the baby went to bed and we waited for it to be dark enough for fireworks.

Then I woke Layla up and we went outside to light our fireworks (Layla was not impressed) and as I put her back to bed those friends finally called. Nana had just left so Jon went without me (plus it was almost 10 and the baby gets up early).
I went to our room to upload pictures to blog and about 45 minutes later Layla came in scared from all the fireworks booming in our neighborhood. So I decided to wait until today to blog and crawled into our bed with her and snuggled her to sleep. At 2 am she rolled off the bed (first time ever). Traumatic crying ended when she stole my pillow and snuggled back in.
When Jon came home ( I think it was around 3) he moved her back to her bed where she slept until this morning around 7. Then she played in our room/bed until I could drag myself downstairs to make pancakes.
Right about the time I got all the way awake, she put herself down for a nap. And that is why I am blogging now.
It was a lovely 4th... good times, good times.


Grammi Teri said...

Yahhhhhhhhhhh!! Layla pee peed in the potty!!!! Step one of Mom and Dads' Independence from Diapers!. Let Freedom ring.

Grammi Teri said...
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