Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh for the love of... Balloons

Who wants to plan a party today? Would you like to plan a baby shower, a adult man's birthday weekend or a bash at the park for a 2 year old girl?

Can't decide?

Well let's do them in date order.

Jen's baby shower:

Food plan *giggle* she wants hot dogs and fruit, also I am thinking sandwich stuff and a salad. There will be iced tea and ice water to drink. Joy has the decorations and the cake. Games are all planned. Prizes have already been picked up. So now I just need to run over the plan with Jen and Joy tomorrow and figure out what favors we're doing for sure. I vote cookie favors.

Jon's birthday weekend:

He says he doesn't care about his actual birthday but we both have it off so probably a short family road trip. Ocean? Then I work Friday but Friday night I am thinking dinner and drinks with friends and the baby can stay at my mom's new digs with her over night for the first time ever. We can sleep in Saturday and then on Sunday breakfast with the family like we did on my birthday, because everyone loves pancakes... Except Jon he likes french toast.

Layla's 2nd birthday:

I need to get her 2 year old pictures booked and then get them into shutterfly to make invites. Then I need to send said invites and book the park and pay the recreation dept. We need table clothes, balloons and to order a cake. Then for food... I'm totally at a pause. What does one eat at a princess party at the park?
Oh, and I need to book a hotel room for October once all my shopping lists are done.

While I am busy being the party coordinator *which I love by the way* it's Q & A time. Ask a question in the comments and I'll answer it later this week. Anonymous questions are fine. Math questions and general trivia is punishable by death. Thanks!

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Courtney said...

Oh no! Don't ruin the surprise of what's going to happen at Jen's shower! Geez!

Princess party grub... I'll put on my thinking cap...