Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This week my schedule rotates at work. This is my rotate on to weekends off (for four weeks). So as it happens I'll have today off and then work two days and have a two day weekend. It's nice. It would be nicer if the opposite didn't happen in 5 weeks (where I have a 6 day work week).
Knowing you're working a short week makes a person eager to plan some stuff to do. I'll take the baby swimming. I'll finally make that trip I've been putting off to visit some great grandparents. I'll get the grocery shopping done. I'll do dishes and laundry for the baby. I'll finish that book. I'll finally blog.
It's a nice plan.
But usually I sleep in a little, I get half the stuff on my list done and I watch some movies with the baby. Sometimes we do manage to go swimming (like last week) or to run a few errands (planned for later today) but I try not to force us to have an agenda on our day together and we usually thrive on taking a little time to chill out.
Right now, I'm blogging and writing back to random text messages while next to me the baby plays in our bed. She's not really a baby anymore though. I know because up until a few minutes ago she was downstairs watching a movie by herself while I picked up the floor upstairs. We've entered the age of independent play, imagination, and story telling.

It really is a much better way to spend a day than just checking off my to-do list don't you think?

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I agree!!