Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dancing Queen

Those of you who know Layla well know she's really into anything with music. She's especially fond of Disney movies and musicals of all kinds. She can normally be found dancing around like a little spaz all over my house. Dancing can be inspired from songs, other people, sparkly shoes, spinning dresses and sometimes just her own imagination.
Did you know it's genetic?
I was well known in my family for occupying the space between my grandfather's rocker/recliner and the TV to dance along with whatever happened to be on the TV at the time. And when they put me in dance lessons I just had to test out my new tap steps on the tile in the kitchen while people were cooking. And ballet twirls by the ocean or in the park to the sounds of the winds in breezing through the trees... oh I was helpless to avoid it.
So, needless to say this one trait of my daughters usually amuses the spit out of me. I see a long line of tutu's, tap shoes and tacky stage make-up in my near future. Don't you?

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Layla's Nana said...

Yes I do! Bring on the pliats!