Friday, July 10, 2009

Once Upon a Time

I used to do Renaissance Faires. By "do", I mean that I was active in one every single weekend of the year almost. It was my full time job, my entire source of entertainment, and where most of my friends could be found most of the time.

The thing about a Faire life is that while you're in it, it is all consuming. Suddenly life becomes about new bodices, better mead, more authentic accents and knowing the right people. And you're totally won over by it because it's good fun, and good people.

And then if you're like me, you take a little break.

I didn't mean to take a 5 year break. I just didn't know how to go back once I quit. Who I was before, well I couldn't be that anymore...for many reasons. And, who I was at the time, well that wasn't very into the concept of working at becoming someone else.

But, sometimes I remember it fondly and I wish I could go back and spend a weekend or two camping out in the woods, being an ENORMOUS dork and dressing funny.
Because, I really do miss some of the people, some of the atmosphere, and some of the mead.

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