Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A letter

Dear day off,

Thank you. Thank you for little tiny people who stumble into my room at 5 am and then go back to sleep in their room until 7:30 when daddy takes them back there. Thank you for a husband who takes the baby back to bed after I mumble "oh no much to early she needs to go back to her bed" and then returns to set her free from her room at 7:30 when she wakes up. Thank you for a child so fascinated with markers that she will play quietly until 8 am when mommy stumbles out of bed after dozing on and off for awhile. Thank you for itsy bitsy spider during diaper changes, kisses while we mix pancakes that are "mmm". Thank you for a morning full of a toddler who used her words, dancing on tip toes to under the sea and nap times that go down easy and last longer than expected. Thanks for time with the hubby to visit and watch burn notice on DVD and plans later to go swimming on a day planned to be 105. But mostly, thanks for going off like a real day off so far instead of a day filled with chores, money, and adult responsibilities. It almost felt like summer vacation. All I need now is some watermelon bubble gum and some coconut scented tan oil.

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