Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have blessed with a daughter that puts herself to bed when she's too tired. It's a huge load off my parenting workload. When she's tired she just grabs a pacifier, a pillow and cow and crawls up on her bed and goes to sleep.

So now that the pacifier is just for sleeping and teething I find myself fighting the tide. Does it stay or does it go? When is a good time to break a perfectly easy and stressless bedtime routine?

I've always followed my gut and now that my head is sticking itself into parenting where I don't want it I am literally at my wits end.

I let her sleep in my bed until she was ready, drink from a bottle till she wanted a sippy cup and I still cuddle to comfort... But what if she still sleeps with a pacifier in preschool or high school?

Is this a stupid thing to worry about when she's not even 2 and very happy and slightly brilliant?


Layla's Nana said...

I wouldnt say stupid.... but totally needless.. as they die, say oh dear, make a production of saying she's a big girl and only has x amount left so take care of them... eventually she wont stop to get one... and she is more than SLIGHTLY brilliant
....insert a matronly humpf here....

Trisha said...

I wouldn't worry about timing such a thing such as that. Remember when the media got all bent out of shape because Katie Homes was letting her daughter drink out of a bottle when she was almost two? I think we judge the all little things other people do with their kids too much. I highly doubt that Layla will still use her pacifer when she is preschool age, besides you can worry if that is the right thing at that time, not now! By the way, besides being billiant, she is also pretty cute!