Monday, June 22, 2009

Middle Aged Monday

Today is my bosses birthday so I brought a casserole, this is a sure sign that I am a middle aged woman. If casserole is not proof alone, consider this, a primary ingredient in the casserole was frozen O'Brien potatoes and that was reasonable enough that I didn't even break stride. I'm so old.

I am old enough that this week I turned down a girls night with cards and appetizers to go to the in-laws house for a BBQ. I am so old that I had to recollect myself after cooking for everyone before I could make myself a plate on Sunday.

I am old enough that I am not concerned that my legs got cold at work and aren't as smooth as they were when I left the house but I am concerned that if I forget to go to the store after work I'll miss the good sales price for chicken.

It's a little pathetic really, when you think about how it's Monday and I am already counting down to Sunday for my 1 day off this week.

And this morning I made notice of teenagers who were in the lawn in my townhouse complex because it was 530 in the morning and kids shouldn't be hanging out at 5 am, and then I realized, I am so not cool anymore.

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