Thursday, June 25, 2009

Decisions DECISIONS decisions

It's been a long week of being forced to make up my mind.

First, there was what to take to Papa Mark's BBQ for dessert, what to wear, what does the baby wear.

Sunday, it was all about what to BBQ for the Father's Day celebration at our house.
And then Monday there was the breakfast potluck at work to plan for and attend, and I also noticed at work that the position I originally applied for at work was now posted and available again.

So then I spent most of Tuesday ignoring a birthday potluck (which I ate too much at despire "trying" to ignore it) at work and trying to figure out if I am the girl who takes a job she'd like with no chance of advancement or stay at a job she doesn't like because someday she'll make more money...which by the way I am still figuring out and will have to finish figuring out soon before the job vanishs of the intranet.
Then Wednesday, mom left me a little cash to get myself lunch at work on Thursday but I decided to use it for dinner (mmm Mexican food) instead and then I sent Jon off to watch Transformer's with George after dinner and enjoyed some alone time with a terrible book (but I couldn't decide if it was bad enough to stop reading so I finished the whole thing). While he was gone I got the call from my Dr.
The Call...a non-punctuated re-enactment...
"hey allie remember when you went to the ER last month"
"ya when I miscarried" (like a person forgets that)
"they found something in your test results"
"i know one of the girls said I might have hypoglycemia and you already called about that"
"no not that. on your ovary...they found something"
"you mean the cyst I've had for 3 years that is the reason i have fertility issues?"
"oh...we knew this was there? (silence) oh yes i see it here. (more silence) well you might want to have it removed because it will be very painful when you have periods"
"it's already painful when I have periods, it's been there 3 years, is it sick or making me sick? is it making me not pregnant?"
"no it's just a cyst"
"ok.. i want to think about surgery and call you back. i kind of don't want to take more time off work if i don't have to"
"ok decide and let us rush... it's not cancer"
To which I stiffled a "no shit it's not cancer you already sent me a bill for that $1000 test" but anyhow...
So now there's that to decide. And, for the record, I love my doctor and this re-enactment should in no way be reflected as a bad opinion about him.
And today at work, I learned that someone has to plan what my team does with $600 in award money to be spent as a team. Do you know how I found out? The group sent me an email asking for ideas because I'm creative. NO PRESSURE THERE *sigh*
Actually, it's been a good week... only minor drama, good food, and a lot of stories to tell my kids someday...if I decide to.

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