Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Genetic

This is my dad, otherwise known as Glen, or Bubba, or Daddy, or Papa...he answers to most things. It's one of the most patient and loving people I know when it comes to friends and family you'll never find a man more mild mannered, forgiving and loyal.

But when he gets tired of having his picture taken you usually end up with the last shot looking like this one (this is an older pic from Jan 2008 at my cousin's wedding)

This is my daughter, she adores Papa, and I can't blame her because I was always a Daddy's girl myself so she had a bias introduction. After all, no one dances a jig in living room, makes you laugh, eats pretend plastic bacon or brings M & M stashes over quite like Papa Glen.

And he's taught her a lot of things already. He taught her to pretend to eat plastic food, how to blow kisses when he goes bye bye...and he taught her that look for when she's tired of Mommy taking her picture.

Love you Daddy/Papa...Happy Early Father's Day!


Layla's Nana said...

LOL Oh you know when you're in trouble don't ya?

Grammi Teri said...

That's the look that stops me in my tracks when your Dad gives it to me! I know he is finally near the end of his patience! Oh dear, Layla's got the look! This is just hilarious!