Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday Again

Another week, another work day, another close skim with drama and another near miss with the finances. We just keep marching along, we form rank, we make lines straight and steps well counted just to keep moving forward, together. The most important things, we talk about them in moments of deep concentration and complete trust with our spirits entangled. The small things we let ramble on, we watch them trickle over the surface, we hope they don't gather into pools and puddles of muck and desires unfilled.. Then moons change and tides change and winds blow and the change rustles electric on the breeze and the words not typed become powerful, the prayers barely whispered cling to hope and we wait through warm summer nights and cold winter storms, we wait for autumn leaves or spring flowers and other signs of time passing taking us closer. There will be better times, patience reminds us, there always is. "You must wait", God tells us," until your path I make clear. "

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Layla's Nana said...

Well said Allie~