Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today's Stretch

Money is tight. Around here it usually is. So life at our house is a lot about stretching the dollar, finding good cheap fun and taking pride in knowing in the end you can count on your family when you need to...even if you wish you didn't need to. And it's a cycle of ups and downs with a never ending set of obstacles and challenges that push you past you limit and then draw you back into focus over and over again. And it's ok.
I have to keep telling myself that sometimes. It's ok. I tell it to other people a lot, too. It's ok.
Today might not be the day your ducks are in a row. It may not be the day your horoscope promised you full of romance and adventure. But today is today, just as God created it. It just is.
And it's ok.
Tomorrow you might have to stretch 10 cents into a dollar. Tomorrow you might be able to jump for joy and forget your woes. Yesterday might have been full of the good old day's stories. Yesterday might seem easier and more fancy free looking back.
But it probably wasn't...back when it was today.
So keep that in mind. And tell yourself once for me... it's ok.

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It's Okay