Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Layla a Whisper

I'm teaching Layla to whisper. I am teaching her for two reasons. The first reason is rather practical, inside voices and quiet tones are sometimes appropriate for different places and she'll need them as she grows up and learns to never shut up use her words. The second, and main reason (as far as I am concerned) is that I think it's adorable, charming and altogether endearing when little kids whisper secrets into your ear. It is amazing to me the sort of things that little kids will dare to whisper that they wouldn't otherwise say. For ever child I've ever been really close to I can still vividly remember at least one whispered secret.

"I'm Nana's favorite"

"I got M & M's my pocket"

"I know when Santa comes soon he's bringing me a puppy"

"I wuv you"

and finally this week Layla whispered for the first time to me while sitting on my lap...she whispered...

"Layla a whisper"

And while I'm sure that she'll whisper some pretty adorable things to me over the next couple years when she gets old enough to cup her hand and lean into my ear and say her hidden secrets.

It couldn't have been more adorable if I'd planned it myself, and I will always remember it.

**~~~***~~~***Unrelated regarding the picture above ***~~~***~~~

I'll also always remember the other day when I kept asking her to look up so that I could take a picture. When she finally did look up, it was to shush me so that I would stop asking. She's a kicker that one. She knows what she wants.

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Grammi Teri said...

Ahhh, your are right, there is nothing sweeter than a little one whispering to you. Dustin didn't quite get the concept at first. He would lean in and whisper just making a sound that one would hear if they couldn't make out what the whisperer was saying. It was very cute.