Saturday, June 06, 2009


Yesterday Layla threw a 21 minute fit about not being allowed to have a 2nd sip of my pepsi. Once time puts had been delivered and calm had settled over her tear streaked face we went upstairs and I made her a bath. I let her slip into the warm water and with a tiny little cup, a tall bathtub filled with warm bubbles and an empty bottle she found her happy place. For 20 minutes she played quietly. I didn't even talk to her. When I pulled her out she was a different child. She ate dinner and played until bed time with only a few seconds of normal toddler crying when she didn't want to sleep because we had company she wanted to play with.

After she went to bed, I found my happy place as well. I went to the kitchen and laid out a selection of foods and got ready for game night with our friends. Despite normally being an in bed by 9 person I stayed up well past 11 and played games, laughed and used adult language with reckless abandon. I went to bed happy and woke up the same way.

With eveyone going to bed happy it was no surprise that we all woke up the same way. Jon and I visited while I made Layla's eggs and he made his toast. Then he went to work while Layla and I had playtime, went grocery shopping, had snack and even now as I prepare for lunch there hasn't been 1 single big fit.

I know part of the fit problem is terrible two's frustration and inability to communicate what she feels. I wonder how much worse it was the last 2 weeks because there was drama all around us. Did my emotions fuel hers?

Because now that the toxic is gone so seem to be the extremely broken temper tantrums.

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