Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My 10 Blog "commandments"

I have been tagged for at least 3 blog things that I haven't done. So here is the first one...to tide you over until I get to writing the other three.

For this one you are supposed to write 10 blog commandments for your blog. The definition of a commandment for this tag is not biblical but just 10 things that you live by...non spiritual...everyday stupid life things. Like... I believe scented detergent is for morons...those type of things (I have no opinion on scented detergent, this is just the tag I picked). Also, as these are just opinions for YOUR blog these rules don't apply to anyone else's blog so reader's don't be offended and posters don't hold back.

Then you tag some ONE person to do it. I tag Courtney because she tends to do things when she is tagged...eventually. (just kidding Courtney...your great)

1. It is not ok to blog things you didn't write just because you find them clever. This includes "email forwards" and "cute stories you read somewhere" to your blog and pass them off as today's entry.

2. It is not ok to pass other people's blogs or pictures off as your own.

3. Link love is good. Link-a-holics anonymous should be sought if you are one of those people who puts a link in every other sentence. I don't want to have to click through the entire internet to read a blog...so you shouldn't have to either.

4. When blogging from your phone, predictive text must be checked over and over and over. (I'm horrible about that, since I got my new phone I post a lot more blogs with wrong words and typos)

5. It is ok to have a spiritual journey or an enlightened experience post. But posting every day about God gets old to read, even God took a day to rest.

6. When posting about your child do not post things they might find on the internet when you are 90 and put you in a rest home because of.

7. If you are looking for someone to blame, you probably shouldn't have a blog. Likewise, if you have found someone to blame you probably shouldn't post it on the internet until you talk to them at least once.

8. Post regularly. People don't want to check every day to see if you made your once a month post.

9. Not everything is a big thing. Some of the best posts I've written/read are about nothing. In fact the best post I ever read was a letter to someone's car from them written as if the car (which was a lemon) was a person who had had an affair. I bet that girl just had a bad and boring day that day.

10. Everyone has a soap box. Baby-wearers. Co-habitational sleepers. Breast-milkers. Anti-kidders. Every single person has things that they are for or against. Be brave enough to post who you are and write about what you believe.


Courtney said...

I WILL do this one! eventually... Hey, what can I say? I'm a busy lady just like you're a busy mommy. :) Let me try to get my 1,001 drafts scheduled to go up. Oh! Or maybe I'll do it from work tomorrow. I like that one, yea, from work!

niobe said...

These are absolutely brilliant. If only more people followed them....