Friday, June 19, 2009

Q & A

Suddenly I'm like Anne Landers over here. I'm getting private comments, I'm getting emails, I even got a few text messages and calls. People want to know a few here are the 10 ten answers that I have given this week.
1. Yes, I am aware that Lynn is no longer in my blog links. I still follow her blog, but I did pull the link down so that other people, who might be feeling like they have an opinion to voice over our friendship turmoil wouldn't have the ability to hop on over and put their nose where it doesn't belong so I pulled it down...for amnesties sake.
2. Yes, there are regularly posted pictures on Layla's site for family and friends, including several videos this week...but I don't do posts on FatGirlEats as often as I only post recipes when I feel like it, which is why it doesn't belong to any groups or have a following other than friends and family. But, there is a chicken thigh recipe up there now that is excellent if you're interested.
3. No, I will not be posting any more about the baby I lost and how I am dealing with that. If you want to know come over and ask or call or something but I hate it when people use the internet to keep posted from a safe distance.
4. Yes, we will be trying again soon. For updates on random daily thoughts and whatnot you can follow me on twitter where I will probably post about when we start trying in 180 words or less.
5. Work is going well. I don't know if it's a job I'd like to work forever but the benefits are good, I'm pretty good at it, and it's close to home which almost makes up for the crummy I'll be there for awhile.
6. Nope, I don't plan on posting a birthday post for my mother in law. I don't do them for everyone. I just do them when I want's my blog...which she tells my husband she doesn't that would be what we call a waste of time.
7. No, I am not going to go private at the moment on this blog. I thought about it. Then I decided I liked being a mommy blogger. So I am going to do what I like and like what I do.
8. Yes, I do watch too much Mary Poppins, thanks for noticing.
9. I can't plan out my day lately much less my week or month, so I really will be getting back to the people who put in requests for meeting of dinner/lunch/playdates as soon as I can.
10. Yes, I really did get asked all these questions.

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