Friday, April 02, 2010

At Home

The longer I am home with Layla the more I am baffled by how quickly she is picking things up. Given how eager she is to learn to do new things I think it's time Mommy bit the bullet on that whole potty training thing. I am thinking of starting Monday (so I don't have to worry about potty breaks on Easter).

The longer I am home the more I am frustrated by how unusable some of our space is here. I feel like there is stuff all around me...oh nevermind...that's just the toddler destroying the floor for the 4th time today with a bucket of toys.

The longer I am home the more I have an overwhelming nesting desire to own cabinets of food in order to have everything we'll need when Anyah comes. It's like my brain forgets the grocery store will still be available after I give birth. It's not like Jon won't go to the store when I ask him to.

The longer I am home the more I wonder what it will be like to have 2 kids, to go back to work, to not have a car payment, to actually get an SDI check in the mail (what is taking so long people), to sleep without being uncomfortable, to fit in my clothes, to be able to see new baby eyes and hold her tiny feet in my hands.

The longer I am home, the longer it feels like I have to wait...even though my brain knows the time is drawing closer.

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