Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My 4 Hour Trip to the Hospital

So today was my OBGYN appointment for Anyah's weekly check up. I am still having blood pressure issues and they now include blurred vision and little balls of light flashing around in my eyes. That second one, well they worry about that because they don't want me to have a stroke and that's a threat with a history of preeclampsia and little balls of scary light.

My OBGYN wanted to have a closer look at my current health being as last time my liver issues were so sudden and severe. We went to EMC and did an OB check and a full blood panel (but I hadn't ate or drank in awhile so it took 3 tries (the third of which was in my hand- OUCH) to get those blood panels).

My blood pressure is all over the place, high then low...steady and then sometimes irratic. Anyah is lovely as always.

As a safety precaution it looks like my c-section will be moved up. But, not to today. Today we got to go home to take another 24 hour urine test, another OB test tomorrow and an appointment with my OBGYN on Friday will let us know when.

It was a long long day, especially for Jon...who got up for work today at 3:15 and has to do it again tomorrow...poor guy.

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love said...

praying for you. i was coming to check what happened today, but i'll be back. praying for your baby's lungs to be all healthy and ready to go whenever it is time!