Sunday, April 18, 2010


Today started and ended well. The middle...well it was middle.

But oh the start, Bee-aaa-uutiful... a giggling toddler waking rested and wanting to climb all over me with kisses and pretend puppy dog play. Cuddling in bed under cool comforters and hearing stories spoken in broken toddler words about dreams that only she understands. Dancing in her Pjs. Pancakes with extra butter and syrup that I didn't have to make.

Then the end, a suprise visit from a girlfriend where my daughter played well with the baby and didn't get too jealous of Mommy and Daddy giving the baby attention when it was there to visit. A toddler then crushed when the friend and baby had to go. Good signs?

Followed by dinner with friends. BBQ that was yummy. A child that while she ran up and down the hallways (SO MUCH ROOM) was actually pretty well behaved, not very itchy and overall a good kid. Talking in the kitchen. Visiting on the couch. Feeling the baby kick all stirred up by red meat for dinner and ice cream for dessert.

DVD TV shows with the hubby in clean pajamas before bed. Time alone in a quiet and cool house to blog.

A very full heart.

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