Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sonograms and Daydreaming

This is Anyah at 37 weeks chillin in her comfy baby bump blowing some bubbles. Fun times. I like how she's resting her little arm over her eyes like she can't be bothered with us looking at her. It might break her chill.

She's in a lot of fluid so she's pretty comfy I bet. That lots of fluid is why they say I can't feel her much. Which, by the way, is much less scary then when they said she might be really small or not developing. She rocks at developing well.

Mommy has issues, she has anxiety, high blood pressure and now a rockin little infection (complete with antibiotics) but Anyah...she's just peachy. She has round little cheeks and her sisters button nose.

So while she's daydreaming away in there I think I'll sit around out here and daydream about her arrival... at least until next week when they take another peek at her and see if it's time for her to come out and play yet.

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