Thursday, April 29, 2010

These Little Things

I've typed up a birth story for Anyah but I am not done tweeking it yet so that might take a day or two to get up. In the meantime we've been enjoying the little things and making our way through day by day. Jon goes back to work on Monday (although he has 2 meetings tomorrow he will be going to so it's almost like he goes back tomorrow).

Breastfeeding has been working out well. We're supplementing with formula because I'm not a blue ribbon jersey cow and my milk production just doesn't cut it. I know I could take things to increase my production but this works well with having a toddler to take care of too so I think we'll stick with what we've got.

Anyah had her first Dr's check up yesterday. She gained an ounce and they checked her for jaundice. We were prescribed sunshine. It's cheap & Layla loves a reason to go outside so that was a nice sigh of relief.

Layla has taken to having a baby sister pretty well. She gets a little needy for attention every once and awhile and has figured out the easiest way to get that attention is to push Mommy or Daddy's buttons but that is normal. She especially likes being a helper. She brings me things and takes things to the trash for me. She's very into 'high fives' and 'knuckle bumps' as rewards so the labor is cheap.

I wanted to go to the park the other day but woke up to find that an 80 degree day was followed by an overcast and nasty day. It's been bleak here ever since so we still haven't made a family trip to the park although we did manage one short walk this week and last night we did a short car trip just to get out of the house for a minute. We're all road trip people... the car is one of our family happy places.

It's 9 or so days until the local farmer's market opens up. I am super excited about that. I don't mind flea market produce but the farmer's market is always more tasty and definitely more local.

Until then the plan at our house is to lay around in our pajamas, try to maintain a neat house despite the toddler being wild and crazy with the imaginative play and adjusting to our new cuddly baby (man this kid likes to be warm and held). Good times... blessed times.

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Courtney said...

Not that I have any experience, but I seem to be surrounded by a lot milking mommies lately. Here's what I've gleaned from them... your supply will be low at first, keep pumping and it will come in more, keep up pumping on a schedule as that is what will essentially set your supply too. That's all I got. :)