Wednesday, April 07, 2010

this little baby- another update

So now that the OBGYN appointments are weekly, you'll be getting one of these awesome little update blogs about once a week...lucky you.

Today I had my mom pick me up and take me to my appointment. Originally, she didn't go in with me as she wanted to do iPhone things in her comfy car. I didn't have to wait long because I was the 2nd appointment of the day and the first girl was barely pregnant (nurses words not mine).

I got the results from my 24 hour urine and my blood test and the short answer is I have preeclampsia but just a little. My blood pressure was actually down after having Jon home a lot the last two days, getting lots of rest and moving my appointment to the mornings when I haven't had Layla pushing my buttons all day but my bottom number was still a little high. That part, the drop in BP made my OBGYN sigh a little in relief. They like it when "rest" works.

I am still super anemic even with the 2 iron pills I am taking a day. So I get to keep doing that. My poor tummy was sad to hear that.

Then we went on to talk about movement. Anyah doesn't move much. When she moves she moves for awhile but she probably only has 2 periods of movement a day. That worried him a little. My belly hadn't changed size and I had lost a pound of the water weight I put on last week (actually I think I lost most of the water weight and put on some weight because let me tell you I have been eating and EATING and eating).

So the lack of "growth" and the sparse movement red flagged me for a Neo-stress test on the monitor. I texted my mom in the parking lot and she came in to keep me company (who wants to sit in a parking lot for another 30 minutes- not her).

Anyah hated the test. She kicked the fetal monitor so many times they eventually gave up and had a nurse come HOLD IT DOWN for 15 minutes. Poor girl. So the answer to that issue is if you want my kid to move, just strap something to her "space" she appearantly hates that.

Next week we get a sonogram to make sure she's growing even though I'm not really. That's the IUGR thing I mentioned last week. They just want to make sure she's not exceptionally small being as usually at this point people put on 1 to 2 lbs per week and well...we're just not doing that.

Her heartrate was fine though...high from all that exercise kicking the monitor for awhile and then totally normal. So I think she's probably fine, but better safe than sorry.

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