Sunday, April 04, 2010


I had planned out an Easter with frilly pink dresses, overflowing well thought-out baskets and Easter Egg Hunting at Nannie's house. Then I got pregnant and the well thought-out basket overflowed into a Minnie Mouse themed basket surrounded by a pile of eggs that wouldn't even fit in it because I didn't plan well. The weather and the theory that Papa (who has a cat) was coming to lunch at Nannie's house put the frilly pink dress on hold for the practical overalls, pink converse and pig tails. The Easter Egg hunting though...that worked out just how I imagined (and lunch- lunch was good).

Sometime in the next week or so I'll post pictures of her opening her Easter basket this morning at the foot of our bed. I'll show you the way that she sorted all the candies, ate the M&M's, fed her new stuffed Minnie the jelly beans and ignored the rest. I'll post the pictures of her hunting eggs with Daddy and playing T-ball in Pop-Pop's back yard. I have pictures of spinning in circles with Nannie and eating a hotdog with a fork like a big girl.
I have lots of pictures and wonderful memories of Layla's last holiday as an only child. Evident in every picture is my 9 month along pregnant belly. By this time next year I'll have one crawling around trying to suck on eggs and one hunting them... a lovely thing indeed.

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