Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Day at Home

So what is a typical day like for you? This is what mine looks like so far today.

I got up at 7:15, I woke up a little before that but I waited for Jon's alarm to go off because I got up so many times to pee last night I was still tired. I, of course, went pee again because nothing says 9 months pregnant and antibiotics like peeing 400 times a day.

Then Jon got up and got into the shower because he works a mid-day shift today and didn't have to go to work until 8:30. While he was in the shower I got dressed because the only reason I was out of bed before Layla woke up is because a nice man was coming to fix the power/garage door today.

Getting dressed woke up the baby (7:30) and we head downstairs after she tells me not once or twice but FIVE times that daddy is in the "chower" (shower) and we open up all the blinds and unlock the door because Nannie also arrived at 7:30 with donuts to keep watch over us while I am still on partial rest.

8:00 we've had some donuts. We've watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Layla has started entertaining herself with left over Easter Egg candy which she refuses to eat but enjoys sorting on the couch, counting, pretending to cook in her play kitchen and pouring back and forth between random containers.

By 8:30 I've started a pot of beans for lunch/dinner today. I wanted to make them yesterday but never got around to it because I had an errand to run and a Dr's appointment followed by a trip to Target to fill a prescription. I didn't eat much last night because dinner didn't appeal to me so I am STARVING.

9:25 the baby is still watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and playing with her collection of small rubber balls in the living room when the "electrical guy" arrives. Turns out there was a miscommunication and he only does garage doors not power outlets. He and I head out to the garage while Nannie entertains Layla to discuss our garage door issues.

*side note* the garage door has been opening and closing itself for MONTHS and sometimes it does it several times an hour. When we leave we have to unplug it because we have come home before to it wide open. Luckily no one has ever walked through the garage and helped themselves to our stuff. Also, luckily, no one has ever broken down the very cheap door between the house and the garage and robbed our house. But it freaks me out. We thought it was the frequency of the remote so we kept changing channels. No dice. After trying everything we could think of the landlady finally sent someone to look at it. *end side note*

I decide to go check on the garage door guy at 9:45 and he says the box in the garage may have gotten wet at some point because it just doesn't look right. The button by the door is also wired badly, his recommendation, replace the box, reprogram the remotes and rewire/replace the button. So I let him do that. But, we only have 1 remote at home right now. So Mom loads the toddler into her car to run to Jon's work to get the second one.

Mom arrives back to find the guy "didn't want to wait" so he taught me to program Jon's remote. If I had known that I wouldn't have sent her...but I digress. 10 am finds me standing on a chair 9 months pregnant reprograming the remote to make sure it works in case I need the guy to come back. It works. So at least that *might* be fixed.

The "electrical guy" is really a "garage door guy" and can't fix all the dead/ or crackwhore like (on then off at random) power outlets. So I call the property manager and let her know. She says she'll follow up and call me back she thought they were fixing both. I also call Allstate about the broken fence to be told they need measurements I can't provide (while 9 months pregnant) so I tell them I'll call back after Jon gets home.

10:15 The beans are pretty far along so I make corn bread. Layla wants to help. She mixes. When we are done she moves to the table, opens the donut box and eats the topping off every donut left

10:25 Nannie washes the chocolate off the toddler's hands, puts shoes on her and takes her out to play in hot pink sand for awhile because she's getting a little stir crazy (the toddler not Nannie) and I begin this blog which I will keep updating through-out the day. I also pick up a few random things because last night I ignored all logic and cleaned up because I thought a man would be crawling around looking at all my power outlets today. Now I have to maintain clean until he actually arrives and my back hurts...because I'm 9 months pregnant and shouldn't have been stupid enough to clean until 10 pm anyhow.

10:55 and it's time for Layla and Nannie to clean up and come in from playing outside. I make the toddler a healthy (NOT) lunch of chicken nuggets (hey they were wheat) and tater tots (which she didn't eat) with juice. Not even half way through our meals (mom and I had beans and cornbread of course) Layla turned around in her seat and threw up all over herself, the chair, the floor and Jon's jacket. Lovely. Time to clean that up.

11:20 the naked toddler is playing with water in the bathroom sink while Nannie finishes her lunch and Mommy cleans up the laundry/floor/chair. Then Nannie takes Layla upstairs for a bath.

11:50 bathtime is over. Time to come downstairs and spend some time drawing and watching Mommy make a cake. Nannie didn't get Layla's hair done so Mommy pulls it back really quickly and they draw while Mommy deals with the property manager again on the phone. Nannie also spends a great deal of time spinning Layla in an office chair because it's the best.ride.EVER!

12:30 the cake is done and the toddler is ready for a nap. Nannie settles into a chair downstairs while Mommy and Layla head upstairs.

1:00 Mommy gives up and comes downstairs to update this blog and have some tums because Layla is driving her crazy and not napping.

1:10 the toddler is asleep by the time Mommy leaves the upstairs bathroom.

2:00 Mommy has surfed the internet, confirmed her taxes submited, talked to the HR department in email, written back to 3 emails, written 2 blogs, uploaded pictures and checked facebook. Nannie is still napping in a chair and the toddler is asleep upstairs. Time to water house/outside garden plants.

2:05 Either the running water to fill my watering cans or the screen door opening and closes woke up the toddler. So Nannie makes Layla a snack tray with cheese and crackers and I open the garage door for Jon who still doesn't have his garage door opener.

2:20 Nannie and Layla go outside to either play in the car or go to PopPop's house. Turns out Layla wants to play in the car.

2:45 Jon arrives home and we have a nice talk on the couch because Layla and Nannie are still playing outside, Nannie also lets Layla run around on the new grass across from our driveway...which Jon and I watch through the window. Then I have a piece of cake just because I can.

4:15 the Nannie and the toddler have come inside and they clean up a little. Nannie washes the two dishes in my sink and then she's headed home for the day. We'll see her again bright and early at 7:30 tomorrow. Jon takes Layla to get the mail. We put in Jon's Stomp DVD so Layla can watch people bang on things and she plays while Jon does laundry.

Somewhere around 5:20 I acknowledge that dinner will have to be made and by 5:30 the kid is playing outside in her sandbox again while I BBQ chicken and heat up the left over beans/cornbread. I also make some noodles for the toddler and throw some applesauce on her plate.

Around 5:50 when we've moved from dinner to playing in the living room sorting jelly beans by color I decide I need to take a shower still and now looks like a good time.

Right before I go upstairs to take an actual shower Layla decides to go to her room to play. Jon joins her and distracts her so I can take a shower without someone banging on the bathroom door or staring at me through the shower curtain and offering me toys.

I finish my shower and join Jon and Layla playing in her room. I admire the toys all over the floor and try to get her to put on PJs. Instead by 6:30 I have a child running around in a clean diaper and an upstairs that looks toddlerific.

Time to go downstairs. Layla finds a movie to watch. 7:15 there is a showing of It's the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown. Surprise, Surprise. She loves this movie. I type on the blog and Jon plays on his iPhone... 45 minutes until toddler bedtime.

Toddler decided to fade out early and ended up having a glass of milk and her allergy meds all before 8 pm. By 8:10 she was tucked in the family bed with a book and her bedtime lantern and Jon and I were downstairs watching Bones on DVD. That includes the time it took Jon to get a piece of cake and for me to pick up the toys upstairs before coming down to join him. Good times.

Watched Bones and ate cake until around 11:30. Jon gets up for work at 3:30 so he cut me off after the last episode. Then we headed up to bed. It was too hot for me so I came back downstairs to look on the internet and try to get sleepy. When I left the bed, Layla was a little restless and Jon was looking not yet asleep so hopefully everyone upstairs is well on their way to peaceful slumbers.

And now it's 12:01... officially tomorrow.

**things you may have noticed** I tend to do a lot of resting while blogging, surfing the internet, talking on my cell phone, visiting with my husband. I am on partial rest which means I am lucky enough to not be forced to lay in bed all day every day. Having said that on uncomfortable or high blood pressure days I spend a lot of time laying in bed on my left just wasn't that day. Also, I cook most if not all of the meals, even if they are meals that calms me...partial rest does not calm me as much as making something amazing so I pace myself. Lastly, cleaning while 9 months pregnant and high risk is both stupid and shouldn't do it. I just have so much anxiety that I haven't found a way not to... don't be me ***end disclaimer/fact paragraph**

That was a day in my life. Have you ever live blogged a day of your life? It's interesting, and it's a good way to look back and go "wow my life was different way back when". You should give it a try.

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