Friday, April 16, 2010

The Final Payment

Today, I am blessed with the ability to make my final car payment. Yahoo!! When the title comes in the mail it will finally feel real but at least it's one less thing to worry about. Now we just have to catch up on some bills and I'll feel much better.

This last two years has been financially difficult but Jon and I both earned gold stars in marital relations because we've handled most of it like troupers. In fact, I just had a talk with a girlfriend about how different my marriage is than some...we have had about 2 whole real arguements ever and although sometimes someone loses their cool we seldom do it on the same day or at the same tmie so we have a pretty adult interaction record so far. Hooray for us! This will be one less stresser gone and some temporary relief while I am still out on maternity/SDI. Eventually, it will become day care funding.

It took longer than I thought for Jon and I to figure out a slightly stable standing point. We got rid of cable over a year ago. We cut back our cell phone plans because we mostly text anyhow. We don't spend a lot of money eating out or going out to do things. We've lost time with friends over the fact that we are now boring married people with a kid who never go do anything. But, when we go do something I think we actually enjoy it more because it gets to feel special because it's not something we did last Friday and the Friday before that.

We've taken risks. We've made bad decisions. And more than once we've made a step forward only to take 3 steps back. So I won't be suprised if something changes and this "phew me made it post" just makes another white line in the sand with another race to finish for us to get started on... but at least I get to enjoy the thought of it for today...right?

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