Saturday, April 10, 2010


Yesterday, my mom and I got Layla a turtle sandbox and some of the Crayola brand colored sand (not that they endorsed this but I highly recommend this sand it was the perfect consistency for a toddler). In the afternoon, Layla spent over an hour playing quietly in the backyard until the urge to spread hot pink sand all over the patio took over and I forced her to come inside and take a bath (hot pink sand does cover a toddler rather similar to fairy dust eventually). I put the turtle's shell on top to keep kitties out of our new play area and went inside.
It's a great toy.
Last night at 11:30, Jon and I had just finished our 3rd episode of Psych (season 2 in case you're curious) and we headed up to bed. Jon had been up since 3 am and I hadn't gotten a lot of sleep the night before because I'm to the stage of pregnancy where I am always uncomfortable and I always have to pee. So into bed we climb and right about the time we both got the toddler/pillow situation fixed there was a huge ruckus in the back yard.
The sound started off a lot like animals chasing each other but when it evolved to include voices, and fences being broken (although we didn't know that's what it was at the time) I had Jon sit up to see what it was. Looking down into the patio he had a great view of a few people hopping our patio fence. Downstairs he went in a flash and on to the patio to scream at the person while I grabbed my phone and started dialing 911.
Turns out some teenagers in a nearby apartment complex were doing some drinking and pot smoking and when the police came they took off running. They ran along the apartment complex behind us and then when they hit the fence with no where to go they jumped into our yard. And then the next yard...all the way to the street they played leap frog through people's patios breaking things and knocking them over.

While I talked to dispatch & checked with the neighbor to see if the tiny dog they keep in a cage on the other side of our fence was ok, Jon took off down the driveway of our complex barefooted in his pjs. I went upstairs and calmed down the baby who woke up when Jon started yelling on the patio and changed into better pajamas in case the cops came back to talk to me. Eventually, he spotted one of the girls from the group and after the police had wrapped up the teenagers they could find he headed back home. Then because he's a good guy he took a flashlight and checked the patio of the people we know in the complex who weren't home.
The whole thing was a matter of about 20 minutes. It kept Jon up a little past 12:30 because of addrenaline and what not. I didn't get to sleep until almost 1:45 and of course I got up to pee twice before Layla got up this morning. I was so crashed out this morning that she ended up playing in our room until almost 8 because no one had the strength to get up with her. Poor thing.
Today or tomorrow I get to talk to the complex manager about our broken fence (it's up it just sways now) and Jon will pop the top on the turtle (which someone stepped on to get over the fence) back to it's natural shape. All in all we were lucky, there is a BBQ and some other stuff out there that would have sucked if they broke it.
Stupid kids.

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