Friday, June 04, 2010

The Bottle Feeding Epic Fail

At this point Anyah is no longer breast feeding and we've moved to bottle formula. We have been blessed that Anyah, unlike her sister, went directly to normal formula and we didn't have any difficulty with that at all. She only likes one brand so when I tried to switch her that went over badly but the brand she likes isn't too pricey or hard to find so that's wonderful. After a child that was on the super expensive soy formula for a year this doesn't seem so bad.

Anyah rarely spits up and she's been processing her gas very well so that's been nice also. Early this week I decided I wanted to switch her from the Nuk bottles we had been using to Avent (which I used for Layla) because with the Nuk bottle Anyah eats incredibly slow. Like an hour to do a bottle feeding of 4 ounces...that kind of slow. It kills me.

Within one feeding of the Avent bottle it was pretty clear to Mommy that this might not go well. Anyah latched well, she drank a whole bottle in about 20 minutes- Hurray! But afterwards she was very gassy and burped like a frat boy. Then she spit up.

Being the trouper that we are about parenting, I gave the Avent bottle 48 hours. I thought maybe she might adjust her eating and get less air. At hour 40 I caved and went back to the Nuk.

40 hours of spit up, fussiness, colic crying, gas passing and otherwise craptastic fun is not worth shorter feeding times. Since switching back to the Nuk there has been no spit up at all or gassy fussiness.


Layla was always miserable and always on an Avent bottle- now a part of me wonders if I had changed bottles if she would have had a more enjoyable first 3 months of life.

At least we figured it out this time...colic is not fun.

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Grammi Teri said...

I never said what I love about YOU on facebook. One of the things that I love about you is this: You are so intuitive about what your kids want and need and what makes them comfortable. It's a gift and makes for a happy child.