Thursday, June 03, 2010

I can't see you

So today I had an eye doctor appointment. My vision got really bad when I was pregnant due to an increase in ocular pressure and it was finally time for my yearly eye exam and some new glasses.
Turns out my ocular pressure isn't the same in both eyes. And, while I can see WAY better then I could when I was pregnant... I just don't see well at all anymore. Long story short...err...shorter... I'm always going to have horrible vision in my left eye which was already my weaker eye.
With glasses it will be good. Or if I am brave (which I am not) I could have eye surgery. It would be better with contacts but really contacts sorta creep me out.
So he recommended not driving at night and a few other things that I already know not to do. And that's that. He also warned me to expect a steady decline in the vision in that eye when I am older.
Upside, my right eye is great!
Second upside, new glasses are super cute (these aren't them these are my prescription sunglasses)... I'll post about the new glasses when I get them.

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