Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Quilt Related Randomocity

First, I want to say that this quilt was lovingly made for Anyah by her Auntie Jenette and Mommy loves it. Secondly, you should know that Layla is very territorial about blankies and is convinced this one should be hers even though it's Anyah has been sharing it when needed. After all we are all currently sleeping in Layla's bed at night so we make her share her blankies every night- fair is far.

This is Anyah chillaxin on the quilt this morning. Yes I know pink pants don't match the daisy onsie but she only has 2 pairs of newborn pants and the other pair is lime green with white polka dots and pink bows so that wasn't an option. She just grew all the way into newborn clothes and is looking a little pudgy as of late so I imagine within a week or so we'll jump to 0-3 month clothing finally.
Is it just me or does she look just like her Great Grandma Gerty in this picture? She's all alert and wide eyed this week. She's also doing a lot of stretching which is darn right adorable. Baby yoga makes me giggle.

This is Layla about 20 minutes ago. I asked her twice around lunch time if she wanted to go to the store with Mommy because she 1.) loves the store and 2.) loves time with Mommy. She wouldn't get dressed. Then before she even had time to eat the lunch Jon made her she fell asleep on the floor with a pillow she had brought down from her room. I had Jon cover her with the quilt because the air conditioning is pretty cool downstairs today.

At one point Anyah was a little gassy and fussy and Layla pulled the blankie up over her ears in her sleep to block out the sound. Then she rolled towards the window and covered her eyes with her little arms. She's beat from this week. She's so tired she's snoring.
Anyah is also snoring.
Jon and I both snore on occassion.
It's like a chorus line of uncool.


joven said...

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Grammi Teri said...

Yes, Papa Glen says, Anyah DOES look like Gramma Gerty in this picture. Poor tired Layla has had too much fun lately.