Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Have Sling will Travel

This last weekend we got invited by friends to go to Santa Cruz for the day. We sent Layla off for a fun day with Nannie but we took Anyah with us (mommy wasn't ready to be apart from her for that long yet). She spent part of the day in the stroller and part of the day in the sling. Just recently she has started to be awake in the sling which I love. It used to be that the minute she was snuggly swaddled against me she would crash out for the entire time I walked around.
Anyah and I had good fun. She is not fond of sand on her toes but she loved the sun on her face.
For once I didn't spend the whole time with my camera out and the 4 pictures at exist that day are all from the hubby's iPhone.
Anyah, like her sister before her, has been going places since just days after she got home. We don't believe in teaching your child to travel by waiting until they are big and giving them rules, instead we get out there and do as much as we would normally do and let the kids adapt as they go. Anyah isn't two months old yet and she's been to the ocean twice. Road trips are important to our family, we make a lot of small ones and she is adapting like a champ.
I think we'll have a few good years before they get old enough to start yelling "mom she's touching me and she's on my side of the car!"

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