Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grow Time

With your first baby it feels like everything is just dragging along. It takes forever for them to sleep through the night. It takes forever for them to hold up their head, to grow to the next size, to smile... you just wait and wait and wait.

With last baby it's all a blur. Just yesterday I gave birth and now she's 2 months old. I know it's been two months because I see the next size of baby clothing, the smiles and coos, the head held up and looking around for someone she knows.

It was a rush and I feel like I am missing parts of it. Then I catch a glimpse of something and I know I'm not completely missing it all.

Layla never had pudgy little baby legs...she was long and skinny. I watched these little legs get chunkier and chunkier this month. I didn't miss that.

I didn't miss Layla deciding she is no longer afraid to crawl up the side of things at the park without my help either.

So we're spending what's left of my maternity leave and the summer that stretchs out in front of us trying new things and making new milestones so we can keep growing together while at the same time growing all on our own.

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