Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Lately the bliss of summer and the burden of motherhood are duking it out at our house. I want to sit in the kiddie pool with a margarita and watch my kid splash about. I want to eat all the smores I can stomach and BBQ every night for dinner. I want a lot of things.
But mostly I have dishes to do and things to pick up and unexpected adventures in ant slaying and baby bouncing until you stop-screaming-for-the-love-of-God. Layla has not adapted to the "shh baby is sleeping" naptime concept. Anyah doesn't like loud noises.
Layla wants more attention. Anyah wants another diaper and another bottle RIGHT NOW!
Balance...juggle...bask in the freedom of knowing that in the long run the attention and the bonding over a bottle matter more than the state of my kitchen floor or the fact that I find myself in my pajamas several days a week when Jon gets home from work.
Laugh it off...
You probably don't have another option.

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