Thursday, June 03, 2010


Before I got married and had kids people would come to my house and point out how little clutter I had. I was easily one of those people with nothing out where you could see it. Everything had a place and I tried to keep my belongings simple and purposeful. The longer I live the more stuff I seem to gather and keep though and now every room in my house appears to be overflowing with something. We're about to start looking for a new place to move to...for more space for people to be themselves without being on top of someone else. Before we do I am feeling an overwhelming urge to deal with the overflow.

I hate the fact that when I take a picture in addition to my lovely children and their art or their wiggling limbs there is always something ugly showing. The clutter on a desk, the litter of a two year old on the carpet, the stack on a counter...piles. I am not a pile person.

Today I went to the garage to start a load of baby laundry and grab something Layla left in the car. I couldn't get the car door open all the way because there was too much in the garage. I threw away two boxes of stuff and moved a plastic storage bin and it's better but now I am even more motivated to clear things out.

I'd love to get rid of the unnecessary items before we do actually find more space. Wouldn't it be nice to not move things we don't want and as a result have the extra space feel twice as open? Now I just need to put a baby to sleep and try and get a toddler too busy to want to help me...maybe more painting...she liked that...

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