Monday, June 07, 2010

Small things that make me grin

Tiny toes sneak out of the bottom of the fuzzy blanket and rub themselves up against the wool lining of the swing. Soft and pink from the warmth of the blanket they had been swaddled in. I smile when I see them.

A little person dancing to the songs at the end of Grease. Her toddler tushy shaking left to right as she shakes and bounces. She dances so enthusiastically that she can't sing the words from the sheer force of her groove. I laugh out loud.

I wander into the kitchen to clean up yet another day of overflowing countertops to find a magazine on the counter. In 3 years I have never bought this magazine because he knows it is my favorite and he picks up the new one without me asking every.single.month. He never forgets. My heart pitter patters with mushy love thoughts.

The sound of a can of Pepsi being cracked open and the blissful cascade of brown yum falling over ice. The first drink burns my throat a little and because it's so hot outside my eyes water a little bit from the refreshment. It tastes like home. My tastebuds do a happy dance.

The friend checks in. It's been awhile. A three sentence email to show they still care even though my phone isn't working and we're all busy. The last line "It may look like I vanished off the face of the earth but actually I'm just a bitchin' illusionist". Makes me chuckle as I make a mental note to use that line again later.

Isn't it mostly the little things that make us grin? What little thing made you grin today?

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