Friday, June 18, 2010


Fridays are fast becoming my favorite day of the week and I think they will stay that way until I go back to work (and then Saturday will regain the crown for King of the Week).
Friday mornings we get up and get dressed just like every other day but during breakfast I always tell Layla "it's Friday" and she yells "Nannie go bye bye" and sure enough soon we're loaded in a car on the way to meet Nannie (or with Nannie) to go to the Farmer's Market and to lunch. We cruise the yardsale scene and run our errands.

Then on days like today it's home for a naptime...where Layla naps in bed, Nannie naps on the couch and Anyah naps in her swing while I check things off my to-do list in the quiet. After naptime Layla and Nannie will whisk off into the sunshine for some more errands and then to Nannie and PopPop's house to play in the yard until dinner time or bedtime or whenever I go pick her up.
Fridays find the time to clean the kitchen counters & the floor with it magically staying that way until bedtime. Fridays allow for DVD time with the hubby and an extra Pepsi when no one is looking.
Friday is officially a day booked from start to finish that is usually so fun that we don't mind and all that fun is just relaxing... kind of like playing in the pool... but with less clean up.

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